Dive deeper into customer opinion & Aspect Based Sentiment Analysis

Sentiment Analysis provides fantastic insights and has a wide range of real-world applications. However, the overall sentiment of a piece of text won’t always pinpoint the root cause of a human author’s opinion.

Certain types of documents, such as job, product, customer feedback or reviews, may contain fine-grained sentiment about different aspects of a product or service that are mentioned in text. For instance, a review of a hotel may contain opinionated sentences about its staff, beds and location. This information can be highly valuable to an organization for understanding humans’ opinion about a particular job, service, product or any other relevant subject.

ReviewsAI’s bleeding edge Aspect-Based Sentiment Analysis makes it easier to identify and determine the sentiment towards specific aspects in text.

ReviewsAI Analysis Request Example:

As an example let’s take a Laptop review.

POST /func/review_sent/


"email": "[email protected]",

"category": "laptop",

"pricepackage": "F",

"secret_key": "a759cb0c-8dad-461d-bbbb-aaaaaaaaaa",

"review": "Lets get one thing straight: this is not a good laptop...."



"Lets get one thing straight: this is not a good laptop in performance. If you need a machine for heavy software like gaming, graphic design, video editing etc. look elsewhere. This computer is, however, great deal. For less than 300 dollars you can get a lightweight, compact, sleek and highly functional laptop. This computer comes with windows 10, and is perfect for handling everyday task such as: web brow no-margin-l-rsing, email, word processing, photo viewing etc. It has an Ethernet port, two USB ports(one is USB 3.0) as well as a disk drive. The screen is nice, bright and clear. The keyboard feels ergonomic and the sound is great. It is certainly a step up from most tablets. This laptop looks more expensive than it is! It has an intel pentium CPU that maxes out at 1.7 GHZ, If you ever have several programs up and running simultaneously, you can somewhat feel the lagging effect begin. But, again, for the price, this computer is a steal!"