How ReviewsAI helps gives your organization deeper insight into Human Opinion?

With a bleeding edge proprietary AI platform to provide easy n’ intuitive solutions, solving your organization’s insight problems related to Human Opinion has NEVER been this easy: ReviewsAI provides Incredibly Smart Insights and Analytics into Human Opinion!

Smarter Insight

ReviewsAI’s bleeding edge AI leads you to higher productivity and increased ROI with deeper insight into Human Opinion.

Better Analytics

Powered by a proprietary AI, ReviewsAI provides remarkably accurate Aspect-Based Sentiment Analysis with Smarter Insights into Human Opinion.

Happy Humans

ReviewsAI helps boost your organization’s satisfaction levels into Markets, Jobs, Products, Customers & a whole lot more with it’s next-generation Machine Learning (ML) algorithms.

Intelligent Insights

ReviewsAI provides ML-powered deep insights across any Category with it’s bleeding edge AI.

How ReviewsAI Works?

1. Signup on ReviewsAI

Signup on ReviewsAI is super easy and takes less than a few minutes on Web and Mobile.

2. Subscribe to desired AI Plan

Choose the ReviewsAI package that’s right for you OR Establish Contact to have custom Human Opinion Insight done for your organization.

3. Download our Mobile App

In addition to our Web App, Download our App on Google Play Store OR Apple App Store for Human Opinion Insight on a Smart Phone or Tablet.

4. Upload

Upload Data Files securely in XML, JSON or CSV formats OR Download/Setup our Smart Agent for continuous Data Streaming to our AI.

5. Feature Based Opinion Breakdown

Get Aspect Based Sentiment Analysis results in tabular and graphical formats for a 360-degree spectrum of deeper insight into Human Opinion.

NextGen Framework

Aspect Calculation

We develop an aspect ranking algorithm to identify the important aspects by Word2Vec similarity clustering, considering the aspect semantic mapping and the influence of consumer's opinions given to each aspect of their overall opinions.

Sentiment Analysis

An important part of our aspect calculation has always been to find out what other people think. We create an aggregate Sentiment Lexicon to seek out and understand the opinions of consumer's.

Stunning Graphics
NextGen Framework

Aspect Summarization

Submit your reviews and allow ReviewsAI to summarize it for you, Extract aspects with respect to key phrases and produce a consumable snapshot of your reviews.

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